World Wall

Client: AirBNB (Interactive Installation)

Role: Tech-Development and Fabrication

Tools used: Illustrator, "Bare Conductive" touch board, Arduino

Airbnb World Wall is an initiative sponsored by Airbnb for AIESEC Global Summit 2015, which took place in India. In collaboration with Inchworks Studio, Konspire conceptualized an Interactive Wall which would host nodes of the participating countries in the summit. The Wall, being touch sensitive provides an aural feedback to the user instantly. This feedback is fun facts like National Language, Famous Personalities, Popular Foods, Capital City, etc. 

Concept of the Wall is essentially to initiate interaction among the diverse group of people present at the event. On the technical front, Wall uses Touch boards, an Arduino and employs the fundamentals of Capacitive Touch. The Wall was put up throughout the 10-day event.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.34.24 PM.png