"Making" in Pro:g:ress

This past week, SPARRO {SPace, ARchitecture, RObotics} organized a hands on workshop for students of Architecture on Sensing Technologies using the visual coding platform of Grasshopper. The whole workshop revolved around employing arduino through grasshopper's GUI. This connection between two platforms is bridged by a plugin known as Firefly. Through firefly, one can utilize data/information from the arduino platform to model something in Rhino modelling environment or vice versa. As it can get really perplexing, the CRUX was to acquaint architecture students to Data Oriented Design.

Interface when all three platforms are connected.

  The two day workshop was aimed at teaching the basics of securing electronic connections, extracting data from various sensors (Ultrasonic, Motion, LDR), assigning actions to actuators (servo), extracting and employing online data to make interactive prototypes.

Each candidate was provided with their own personalized Arduino Kit.

The workshop culminated with designing an interactive prototype which responds to a tweeted color/hue value. The tweeted value is processed by Grasshopper+Firefly setup and reciprocates by illuminating the same hue as tweeted.

Internal setup of the installation

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