Kinetic Module@3x-100.jpg

Kinetic Module

Personal Project

Role: Design Conception, Technology Development, Prototype Fabrication

Tools Used: Rhino, Grasshopper, Arduino, TouchOSC, Laser-cutting

This project has been a major source of learning and application on various platforms. From visual coding to fabrication drawings, this project involved in re-learning the fundamentals of Electronics. My intention was to achieve a system which will be minimal on both structure and electronics, yet robust enough to take major wear and tear.

This module is smart and employs two modes of operation: first being the LDR sensor and second being any smartphone. Kinetic Module is a prototype of a Light-sensitive facade which can be controlled manually as well.

Similar to the facade system of Al-Bahr Towers, this kind of a smart facade can facilitate minimal thermal gains and optimize the natural light received by the host building.