Experience Center

Client: Ather Energy Pvt.Ltd. (Design Proposal)

Role: Design Research (Interactive Technologies), Concept Presentation

Tools Used: Photoshop, SketchUp

Brief outlined a need for Simple, Minimalist yet Elegant Experience Center, where potential clients can be invited to experience Ather Smart Scooter (first product offering from Ather Energy Pvt. Ltd) in a personalized and stimulated environment.

The concept was envisioned as an open plan with transparent glass partitions. The movement pattern has been designed in three layers with a dedicated Interactive-Technology to each layer.  The movement pattern is discreetly guided by the lighting design of the center. 

Layer 1- Visitor is guided to a 3x3 LED Matrix, communicating brand Ethos, Visions and Future Offerings

Layer 2- Visitor approaches a precursor to the final unveiling. An Interactive Touch-based installation which conveys an obscure outline of the scooter and allows the visitor to engage in an interactive experience imparting knowledge about the salient features of the futuristic Scooter.

Layer 3 - The final unveiling is done where the visitor is presented with an I-Pad uploaded with an Augmented Reality App. The app showcases the internal structure and components as Ather insisted on showcasing their clean and intricate structural design. Visitor is offered a test ride of the scooter subsequently and diagnostics of the same are presented the same App, which is one of many features of the Scooter.